It's been a while. If you're like me, you're happy to be on the other side of 2020--the year we thought would be all about vision, and a bright future. Everything about it seemed surreal, it almost seemed like a movie.

It made me think: If 2020 had been a movie, how would I categorize it? In many ways, it was great, but in some ways, I'd have to place it in the horror genre. If that's the case, what if 2021 is the sequel?

We've had to adjust from working at home, working with Zoom, interruptions from pets and younger children and not being able to see friends and family in person enough. As if the pressures of work aren't enough, these added strains can move us away from a balanced life and closer towards burnout.

Here's an article I just had published on YourTango that provides tips on how you can protect yourself from burnouteven as its spectre looms in every unhealthy workplace. 

I encourage you to check it out. If you like it, as always, I'd love your feedback on LinkedIn! If you know someone who might benefit from it, please share the YourTango article with a friend.


Brent Roy
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