Celebrating Family in Times of Uncertainty

by Brent Roy


“"Your accomplishments in business will not be on your tombstone. But your family will be." ~ Frank Lautenberg

In 1990, I was working at radio station CFNB in Fredericton, and while hosting the Santa call-in show, took a risk and proposed to Mary-Jo over the air. We were married the following May. Three decades, several interests and careers and three kids later, they all have careers of their own. 

With 2020 being the bizzarro world it was, we, like many other familes around the world, were unable to spend Christmas together for the first time in our family's history. We decided to make the best of it, to relive the years, celebrate our careers and remember that the strength of a loving family is unbreakable. 

My son Gabe, who founded Zest Media Productions, created this short video as a way to honour their mom, our family, their careers and make their mom shed a few tears.

I hope you will recall the happy memories of your family and keep the bonds strong despite the circumstances.

Merry Christmas from our family! [Click on the image below for a short video]


Brent is a life and leadership coach helping exhausted leaders reclaim their balance, so their family life and careers bring equal amounts of joy most of the time. 

Brent Roy
Brent Roy Coaching and Consulting



Brent Roy
Brent Roy Coaching and Consulting