The Grateful 28 Challenge started October 7, 2019

... Are you ready to tackle stress, anxiety and worry?


  • If you could do just ONE thing to improve the balance between your life and work this year, would you do it?
  • If you could do just ONE thing that is scientifically proven to stimulate the parts of your brain that regulate stress and tap into the reward centre to give you feelings of joy, would you do it?
  • If you only needed to dedicate a few minutes a day, once a day, for the next 28 days, could you do it?

If you really want to defeat stress and anxiety and access those good feelings, increasing your gratitude is one of the scientifically proven ways to go about it.

Martin Seligman, the founding father of positive psychology, says the antidote to our culture of anxiety, stress and worry is what he calls "Three Blessings."

By taking just a few minutes a day to ponder just three things you’re grateful for, Seligman promises that we’ll be “less depressed, happier, and addicted to this exercise six months from now.”

By becoming a part of the Grateful 28 Challenge, you will:

  • have unlimited access to our app which features weekly themes to help guide you toward gratitude until it becomes an addiction!
  • receive daily encouragement from me to help you come up with categories of gratitude (I call them “gratigories”)!
  • gain access to a private community chat where you can find support and accountability from me and all the other ever more grateful participants in the program!

If you’re ready to show stress, anxiety and worry the door and invite balance, joy and gratitude into your life, then the Grateful 28 Challenge is for you.

Subscribe now and gain some of the benefits of specialized or group coaching at a fraction of the cost.

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