Team Talk Seminars


Planning a longer team meeting and running out of ideas to fill your agenda? A 60-90-minute Team Talk Seminar is an inexpensive and engaging way to keep your team's atention while discussing a topic that's relevant to their development.

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Building Trust 

"The glue that holds all relationships together--including the relationship between the leader and the led--is trust, and trust is based on integrity." --Brian Tracy 
Understanding your values and those of your team is the ideal starting point to foment trust. In this seminar, each participant will explore his/her values and how to best live them out in the workplace.
We must treat others the way we would treat ourselves, right? Not so fast. Not everyone values the same things you do. Some prefer a pat on the back, some like gifts and others appreciate a small gesture of service. We will learn about the languages of appreciation and determine yours and your co-workers and how to make the most of them to increase trust and collaboration on your team.
Coaching to Enhance Leadership
What's your leadership style? How is your team responding to it? 

If you want to become a stronger, more trusted leader, self-awareness is key. This includes being aware of your leadership style. This highly interactive seminar involves lots of role-playing so you can discover your style, the styles of others and how different styles impact your team...both negatively and in a positive way.

The Coach Approach to Effective Communication: Listening and Asking

What are key attributes to develop to enhance leadership? When's the last time you REALLY felt listened to? When's the last time you REALLY listened to one of your staff...without distraction and without injecting your comments? Listening comes naturally for some but to listen actively takes some practice. Active listening is a necessary skill for a leadership coach and it's just as important for leaders who want to build trust with their teams.

Who is your favourite guest interviewer? Don't you love it when they ask these amazing open-ended questions that elicit deep and thoughtful responses from guests? Asking powerful questions is also among the non-negortiable skillset of a leadership coach. Imagine if you had new skills to ask the powerful questions that get your team thinking so they're collaborating better together, are more productive and are achieving results faster!

Banishing Burnout 
Recognizing the initial signs of burnout is extremely important, because it is only through awareness, acceptance and a desire to change course that we can get our lives back, have more control over how we spend our time, and stop burnout before it stops us.

Discover what burnout actually is and why it strikes. Discover the five stages leading to burnout so you can stop them in their track, and get proven practices guaranteed to help you recharge so you have more energy, more enthusiasm and more zest for life once again! 

Discover how to not only do things different, but better. 

If you think you're already suffering from burnout, be encouraged to know that burnout is not the end, but a catalyst for transitioning to a new beginning!

Other Topics

Have another burning issue you would like presented? Ask me about custom designing a talk specifically for your team on the topic of your choice. 

Let's talk!  

Testimonials about the "Coach Approach to Leadership" workshop:

"Brent facilitated a great working session among managers that don't work together everyday. Some great takeaway skills to apply everyday."

- Krista Dixon, Accountant, UNB

"Brent Roy is knowledgeable and provides excellent resources for leading and coaching teams in the workplace."

- Karie Appleyard, HR Assistant, UNB

"Perfect for manager level positions interested in becoming leaders."

- Dave Totten, IT Director, UNB