Success Support Coaching Package

Success Support 

Overwhelmed with your responsibilities while trying to get your team to collaborate and be more efficient? Are you someone who wants to be a stronger leader who experiences smoother-running, more productive teams that achieve results faster

Get the results you need by working with a certified professional coach who understands your challenges and facilitates a process that brings out the best in you so you can experience the results you need!
You want to go deeper on a few areas and are open to discovering even more about yourself throughout the coaching engagement so you can be the best leader possible.

Success Support (3 Months)

 - 9 x 40-minute sessions over typically a three month period
- Post-session recap tool
- Private client portal to post homework & request review of materials
- Access to additional resources
- 30-day money back guarantee

Complimentary Session

Discovery Session
Book your 40 minute discovery session with Brent.

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