Coaching Packages

Which Package is Right for You?


Success Support (3 Months)

You want to go deeper on a few areas and are open to discovering even more about yourself throughout the coaching engagement so you can be the best leader possible.

 - 9 x 40-minute sessions over typically a three month period
- Post-session recap tool
- Private client portal to post homework & request review of materials
- Access to additional resources
- 30-day money back guarantee

Total Balance (Six Months)

You want to integrate the best of both worlds: balancing your responsibilities at work and your life at home. While it's important to 

- 18 x 40-minute sessions typically over six months
- Online access to your coach between sessions
- Private client portal to post homework & request review of materials
- Access to additional resources
- 30-day money back guarantee

** PLUS - Calls are recorded for your access between sessions
** PLUS - Online access to your coach between sessions

Complimentary Session

Discovery Session
Book your 40 minute discovery session with Brent.

Coaching Testimonials

Brent was able to show me that I was constantly criticizing myself and telling myself I wasn't doing enough because I could never get everything done. Brent showed me that self doubt was my biggest barrier to feeling successful. He helped me explore my value system and set priorities.

I am now more purposeful when I complete my "daily list" and am able to recognize my accomplishments and the good things I do and give myself credit. This has led to me feeling in control, competent and hopeful. Brent also helped me figure out how to shake off work when I get home and start focusing on things that relax me and make me happy. That I actually deserve to be happy!!

On my drive home, instead of thinking of things that didn't go well I focus on the all the positive events that occurred and allow myself to celebrate small (and large) victories and accomplishments. This sets me up to have a relaxing evening and also to be able face and embrace the next day.


"Brent brings dedication to his work with clients and commitment to their progress. Furthermore, Brent maintains integrity and demonstrates interest in his own personal development by striving to the best he can be." 


 “From my experience, Brent’s encouraging leadership style inspires confidence and enthusiasm. He puts his trust in others to perform to the best of their abilities while offering coaching and mentorship as needed. As a seasoned communications professional, he consistently keeps a cool head when issues heat up, providing sound, strategic advice to his direct reports and senior leaders alike. Brent also has a knack for drawing out a smile in any professional interaction, regardless of the situation at hand. His positive energy is second to none.”


“Brent Roy has been coaching me for the last year as I continue to maneuver through a significant period of transition in life and work. He is well trained, professional, easy to work with and consistently has my best interest at heart. Brent understands the challenges in life, work, dreams and the ever present need for balance.