Coaching Options

Which Option is Right for You?

Success Support (3 Months)

You want to go deeper on a few areas and are open to discovering even more about yourself throughout the coaching engagement so you can be the best leader possible.

- 12 x 30-minute sessions over typically a three month period
- Post-session recap tool
- Private client portal to post homework & request review of materials
- Access to additional resources
- 30-day money back guarantee

Total Cost: $1,125 ($375/month)

Success Support Coaching Program

Total Balance (6 Months) MOST ECONOMICAL

You want to integrate the best of both worlds: balancing your responsibilities at work and your life at home. 

- 24 x 30-minute sessions typically over six months
- Online access to your coach between sessions
- Private client portal to post homework & request review of materials
- Access to additional resources
- 30-day money back guarantee

** PLUS - Save 10% when you pay in full!

Total Cost: $1,944 OR $360/month

Total Balance Coaching Program



A good way to "test-drive" coaching.

- 4 x 30-minute sessions monthly

Total Cost: $395/month

Month-to-month coaching

Complimentary Session

Discovery Session
Book your 40 minute discovery session with Brent.

Coaching Testimonials

"As a tech employee, I struggled to gain influence in the workplace. Brent pushed me to reflect and increment my influence over time. But, most importantly, he challenged and level-set my own expectations. Without Brent’s metaphors, action steps, and grace, I would have continued to fumble around stressful interpersonal situations. Luckily, I didn’t. Coaching lent me the space to understand confounding variables that—ultimately—were more personal than I thought."


"Brent helped me work on myself and my career plans by being empathetic, asking the right questions and supporting me to make this journey at my own pace while also holding me accountable. I’ve made a lot of big strides towards gaining confidence through self-awareness and looking inwards at what I want my career roadmap to look like. Through our sessions together, I have achieved the goals that I set for myself and was also able to get visibility further into my future enabling me to continue working on myself and my career."


"The coaching has helped me practice reframing. The most important thing I have received from the coaching is support in a very stressful time. Having the weekly support of a coach where I can share without worry of judgement has provided an opportunity to verbalize problems and stressors so that I can start to resolve them.

It was really wonderful having a kind and compassionate person like Brent to talk to about work, the new projects, the new job, the new boss. Thank you for sharing your gift of coaching. I hope you know what a big difference it has made for me in these last 6 crazy months."


"With his motivating coaching style, Brent did a great job of helping me clarify the outcomes of each coaching conversation which helped me identify and take actions to achieve my objectives. Brent has great coaching presence and is a skilled listener. I really felt in partnership with Brent as a coach. Brent is a masterful coach, he is adept at helping his clients clarify what’s really important and take measured and practical steps toward achieving their desired outcomes."